How we evaluate the effectiveness of SEN Provision

How we evaluate the effectiveness of SEN Provision

We continuously ensure the provision has a positive impact on the outcomes for all of our children/young people. We do this in a variety of ways, including:

  • Robust evaluation of policy and practice – our policies are reviewed annually and practise is regularly reviewed through Staff, parent and child questionnaires, School Council, Support from the LA, attendance at LA SEND network meetings and training. 
  • Planning and Book scrutinies looking at sequences of teaching which are appropriate for a child’s needs.
  • SENDCO/SLT/Governor monitoring  – lesson observations, learning walks, SENCO/Governor meetings and book scrutinies.  – this is carried out at regular intervals throughout the school year through SLT/SENDCO/Governor meetings. Monitoring by Curriculum and Standards Committee.  
  • Performance management – all staff accountable for the progress of children in their class. Children expected to reach agreed levels through quality first teaching, interventions etc.

Impact of Intervention is measured in a range of ways including:

  • Analysis of data
  • Impact upon classroom performance
  • Has the child’s current outcome been met?

Good behaviour and hard work is expected and rewarded and where there are consequences they are clear and systematic. Where individual children require adaptations in approach, these are met after whole staff agreement. However, it is rarely needed because as an inclusive school we aim to make our approach to managing behaviour the same as everything else – done in consultation with the children and kept simple. 

All staff know all children and any individual needs are commonly shared amongst staff.  At each weekly staff meeting, there is a break down of any ongoing safeguarding issues as well as a staff update on any child requiring extra support or provision. After each assessment point, data is analysed by staff and interventions are planned to address needs. In this way, staff have a clear picture of SEND pupils across our school. 

For further information please view or download our Teaching & Learning policy, Behaviour policy and Accessibility Plan which can be found in the School Policies section of our website.