PE and Sports Premium

Sports Premium funding is designed to help schools make additional and sustainable
improvements to the quality of PE and sport they offer.
In 2018/2019, our school’s allocation was £11,698.  The below shows how this funding
has been spent.

Lunchtime Sports Coach £2475.00
Auckland Bouncy Castles £80.00
Kerry-Ann O’Neill £80.00
Kidz R Fit £300.00
Kidz R Fit £99.95
House of Objects- Fill a shed for OPAL £200.00
OPAL Training and Support £2425.00
PE equipment balls etc £180.00

Budget set up for OPAL £3000.00

St. Cuthbert’s Catholic Primary School


Subject Leader Plan 2018 – 19 for PE and Sport

Key Area for Improvement:

●        Effective use of Sports Premium Funding.


What is the ultimate goal? 

●       To ensure that physical activity is increased and of a high quality. To evidence increased PE skills and progression across school.

●      To ensure all staff (including external coaches) are using core assessment tasks in delivering PE skills and activities.

●      To aim for active 30- children to achieve 30 mins of vigorous activity each day.

●      To achieve OPAL accreditation for the school with high quality play and activity throughout the school day.



What are the milestones on the way to achieving the goal? Who is working on this? 

Who is leading?

What training will be needed? How and when will this be monitored and evaluated? What will be the cost? What impact will this have?
●      To ensure that physical activity is increased and of a high quality. To evidence increased PE skills and progression across school.



Developing Daily Mile- staff to choose time to do Daily Mile and can tailor it to suit needs of their class with focus on vigorous/sustained activity.


Monitor delivery of PE by staff and coaches.



To ensure high attendance at PE festivals.


To provide a variety of after schools clubs, taking the lead where possible from children’s requests..

PE Lead



All teachers and TA’s.




PE Lead

Focus on new staff and new coaches


PE Lead



Ideas from other schools on how to keep momentum. PE Lead

Learning Walks,

Lesson Observations,

Staff feedback on coaches.


PE Lead to inform staff about festivals, sort transport and Evolve. Record of attendance kept.

Cover for release of FB to observe lessons






St John’s and Bishop Barrington’s SLA -£



Transport to festivals


Children will demonstrate progression of skills across school in line with their age, or above.


PE lessons will be structured, pacy and differentiated.


All children in KS2 will experience inter competition- they will have the opportunity to participate in festivals alongside pupils from other schools.



●      To ensure all staff (including coaches) are using Core Assessment Tasks in delivering PE skills and activities.


FB to remind/introduce staff to Core Assessment Tasks and where to locate videos in staff meeting.Explain how they work and how they can be used to monitor skills development

PE Lead

Teachers and coaches

Staff Meeting

In house support from FB




PE Lead


Monitoring Core Assessment Task records.

  Increased skills in PE evidenced in progress across key stages.


Staff confident in delivering PE with Core Assessment Tasks

●        To aim for Active 30- children to have 30 mins per day of vigorous activity.


To continue to develop and monitor Daily Mile across school.


To look at other ways of being active in class using resources on Active 30 website.


To ensure OPAL offer provides opportunities for developing physical skills, stamina and competence.

PE Lead


OPAL Leader

OPAL team



Network meetings of OPAL schools


OPAL advisor-Ingrid

Review meetings with OPAL team


Feedback from staff

 OPAL costing



Children will demonstrate increased stamina and resilience during physical activities.


Play will be active and physical in nature.


Children will be physically active for at least 30 mins every day.


Staff will encourage children to understand and enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

●        To achieve OPAL accreditation for the school with high quality play and physical activity throughout the school day.


To audit where school is now with regards to OPAL standards and identify plan of action to be implemented before final audit in Spring Term.


To meet regularly with OPAL team to think of ways to move OPAL forward.


Hold OPAL assemblies to celebrate, inform and review OPAL so far.


Consult with parents and children on impact of OPAL and suggestions moving forward.







Play Lead


OPAL team

Team meetings


Cluster meetings with OPAL schools


Support from Ingrid

Audit to be carried out before Oct half term.


Newsletter to parents and questionnaires to be sent out before end of Sept.

Network meetings

staff meetings.

School will achieve status as an OPAL accredited school.


Playtimes will be creative, active and enjoyable for all.


Behaviour incidents will be reduced as children are purposefully engaged in their play.