School Policies

Admission Policy 2017-18

Admission Policy 2018-19

Admission Policy 2019-20

Accessibilty Plan

British Values policy

Behaviour Policy 18

Behaviour Statement

Calculation Policy

Charging Policy

Child Protection

Data Protection Policy

Dealing with allegations of abuse against teachers and other staff

Equality Information

Equality Statement

Freedom of Information Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Homework Policy

Inclusion Policy

Internet Policy Including eSafety

Love and Relationship Policy

Packed lunch policy

Anti Bullying Policy

School Complaints Policy

SEND Policy

Smoking Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Keeping Children Safe in Education – 18

Keeping Children Safe in Education – Guidance

Supporting pupils with medical conditions

Restraint Policy

Policy for Looked After Children

Security Policy

YouTube policy

Drugs Policy

St Cuthbert’s play policy