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COVID 19 Risk Assessment

Behaviour Policy Addendum For June 15th

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Return to school initial letter 1 June letter 2-Reception_Nursery

Return to school initial letter 1 June letter 2-Yr 1

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Reopening Information September 2020

All parents, carers and children enter the grounds using the one way system starting at the KS2 ramp. (Regardless of the weather) Follow the markings, keeping to the 2m social distancing rules, until you are opposite the entry point for your child. Then children can use the circles to make their way to their designated entrance. If a child is late then they must continue on the one way system to the office area.

At the end of the day the same system will be used – parents use the one way system as above and once opposite the designated  entrance your child will be sent over to you.

Please remember that parents must stay behind the wavy line and cannot enter the  school building. Any queries must be made via  telephone or school email.

Morning Drop off and Pick up times beginning – Wednesday 2nd September 

Year Group Drop off Entrance Pick up
Nursery / Reception 9.20am Foundation Stage Door 3.25pm
Year 1  9.10am Key Stage 1 door 3.20pm
Year 2  9.10am Key Stage 1 door 3.15pm
Year 3  9.00am Key Stage 2 door 3.10pm
Year 4 9.00am Year 4 fire door at rear of yard. 3.05pm
Year 5  8.50am Key Stage 2 door 3pm
Year 6 8.50am Year 6 fire door at rear of yard. 3pm