PE Curriculum


At St Cuthbert’s we aim to provide Physical Education which is rigorous, inclusive and enables children to participate in sustained periods of exercise. The curriculum is delivered in a way that fosters a love of being active and teaches the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. Children have opportunities to take part in both competitive and individual sports. The carefully planned curriculum builds on what children can do and encourages them to develop skills of cooperation, resilience and determination to succeed.

Through a progression of skills we aim to help children achieve their personal best, as well as providing opportunities to excel in a wide range of physical activities. All year groups will build on previous learning.


Foundation children take part in PE lessons twice weekly. On a Friday they participate in Sports SuperStars activities, which builds on the Fundamental movement skills they are being taught during their other PE session. Children dress and undress for PE, including nursery children. The staff plan activities based on gymnastics, dance, games, athletics and orienteering. The main focus is on ensuring the fundamental movement skills are of a high standard. 


Parents are invited in termly to participate alongside their children in a celebration of the terms PE activities. The children have the chance to demonstrate their learning and teach their parents what they have been taught over the previous weeks.


Children’s fine motor skills are developed through classroom activities such as dough disco, threading, cutting etc. Their environment lends itself to developing physical competence, the outdoor area has balance bikes, scooters, slides and climbing equipment and the secret garden is readily available for children to access. They can climb trees, scramble up banks, make dens, move logs and natural materials as well as negotiate uneven surfaces.

KS1 children build on the skills they have developed in Foundation. They have PE twice a week. One session is delivered by a coach, the other session by the class teacher. They are taught a balance of disciplines across the year. Core Skills are used to identify children’s knowledge and skill. The unit of work is planned as a result of the needs identified in the initial assessment. Staff use the progression of skills for each area to ensure that they are matching the activity to individuals requirements.  

KS2 children also have two PE lessons a week. One with a coach and one with the class teacher. Year 3 children go swimming once a week for the first two terms. Year 6 children go swimming for the last half term in the summer. 

As in KS1, the KS2 children have a balanced programme of study which ensures continuity of progression across both Key Stages and year groups. Staff use the Core Skills in the same way to plan and assess children’s development against expected levels for their age.

Across all Key Stages children have the opportunity to attend festivals to participate and compete against children from other local schools. This provides them with the chance to experience events where they can show off their skills and work cooperatively as part of a team.

The school this year achieved a Platinum OPAL Award. As a staff we wanted to improve the provision available for children at lunch and playtimes. The OPAL initiative has been a great success and has provided children with many more opportunities to be more physically active during their free time. They have access to the whole school grounds, the OPAL field, the football pitch, the Sports Yard and the secret garden.

In an attempt to encourage a more healthy and active way of life, the children also participate in the Daily Mile. 


Children will leave St Cuthbert’s having experienced a broad range of activities. They will have developed their physical competence and will be able to control and coordinate their movements creatively. They will understand the dynamics of movement and be able to apply these skills to lots of different situations. They will be analytical thinkers and be able to articulate ways to improve, give support and encouragement to peers. They will have experienced the benefits of being active and will understand the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and the ways to achieve this. They will demonstrate skills of resilience, determination to succeed and teamwork not only in their PE lessons but in other areas of school life. 

You can find our long term plan here