Geography at St Cuthbert’s is designed to inspire children with a fascination of the world around them and the curiosity to explore it themselves. Children will begin their studies looking at our local areas of Crook, Bishop Auckland and County Durham before moving on to the North East as a whole. They will investigate and examine both physical and human features and processes so that they can develop a real sense of themselves, their heritage, what makes our area unique and special and how it compares to the wider world around us. Children will explore other countries and compare them with our own. Geographical skills will be developed throughout allowing the children to  confidently apply them to their everyday lives.


The Geography curriculum will be overseen by The Geography lead, who will regularly monitor, evaluate and celebrate good practice. Along with teaching staff, The Geography lead will contribute and commit to improving Geography teaching throughout the school.

  •         In KS1, Geography skills will focus on local Geography, the world around them in relation to their locality and their own place in the world. This will be expanded to their place in the wider world, why our world is special and locations of geographical importance in order to form a baseline for KS2.
  •         In KS2, Children will continue to look at their local area, beginning with the North East as a whole, before looking at various areas in greater depth. Their use of maps and reading skills will be developed and built upon throughout. Children will develop a knowledge of cities, coasts, trade, forests and food, as well as how we shape the world around us.
  •         Cross-Curricular links will be made, where appropriate, to allow the teaching of geography to influence the wider curriculum in an exciting and motivating way.
  •         Children will develop a genuine interest in the subject and a real sense of curiosity about the world and the people who live here.


St Cuthbert’s Geography Curriculum will be well thought out and planned to demonstrate a progression of knowledge and skills. Within geography, we aim to provide learning opportunities to help children gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of each unit of work covered throughout the school. Children’s knowledge will be assessed within each unit and monitored to make sure all children are accessing the curriculum and have an equal chance to progress regardless of their ability.

You can find our long term plan here