Year 2 make a difference!

We are part of a global family, and the choices we make on a daily basis not only affect ourselves but people from all across the world.  We need to think very carefully about our choices and the effect we have on others and our world.

The children watched the animation linked with Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’ letter (Care for our Common Home) on the CAFOD website, which is all about how the world is a gift from God and what we can do to care for it and repair the damage that we have caused to our planet over many years.

Year 2 were full of excellent ideas about how we can help to look after our ‘common home’, the Earth, and all of the people and animals who live here.

Here are some of their ideas:

  • “We should use less plastic, especially plastic that can only be used once. If we do use plastic, we should recycle it so it can be used again and isn’t thrown into the ocean and be dangerous to the sea creatures.”
  • “We can use less paper and recycle the paper we do use so we don’t need to cut down any more trees. Trees are important because they give us oxygen to breathe.”
  • “We can plant more trees so the animals who live in forests still have a home.”
  • “Don’t litter because the rubbish can hurt animals and people. Make sure you put rubbish in the bin.”
  • “Turn off the tap when you are brushing your teeth and when you’ve finished using it so we don’t waste water.”
  • “Only use the car when you have to. We can walk, cycle and use a scooter to get places which are nearby.  This way we don’t use too much petrol and there are less exhaust fumes going into the air and hurting the planet.”
  • “Don’t waste electricity. This will help to stop the world heating up and melting the polar regions where penguins and polar bears live.  They are losing their homes and we need to look after them.  Make sure you turn off the lights when you leave a room and turn off your television or computer when you’re not using it.”
  • “Bring your own bag when you go shopping so you don’t have to buy and use a plastic one.”
  • “Only use and buy what you need and only take your ‘fair share’ so we reduce waste and the amount of food and rubbish we throw away.”

They learnt that small, everyday choices can make a big difference to the world around them, and the people and animals who share this world.  They considered how their choices affect the planet, and thought carefully about how they can use their choices for the better.

What could you do…?  Remember, small choices can make a big difference.

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