Year 2 have been finding out about Remembrance Day

During Remembrance Week, Year 2 learnt about life for men and women in World War 1.  The children showed a high level of respect throughout the week as they completed work across a variety of topics such as life in the trenches, animals in WW1, women’s jobs in WW1 and the Christmas Truce.

Our Literacy and History lessons for this week were based on the “Where the Poppies Now Grow” series by Hilary Robinson, beautifully illustrated by Martin Impey.  The children thoroughly enjoyed reading about Ben, Ray, Lily, Flo, Karl and Lars during the week, learning about WW1 through these wonderful stories.  The stories and illustrations encouraged the children to put themselves into the characters’ shoes and consider what they were thinking and feeling, seeing the events of the war from lots of different perspectives.

Throughout the week, the children worked hard to learn the first two verses of ‘In Flanders Fields’.  At the end of the week, they imagined that they were a soldier in WW1 and wrote a letter home describing life in the trenches.

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