Wow, what a day!

We had a very special visitor to our school today and she brought something amazing to show us. We were left lost for words at her achievements.

Isobel is 15 years old and she once was a pupil at our school.

Isobel started her gymnastics career when she was 6 years old and in Year 2 here at St Cuthbert’s. What a long way she has come.

Isobel along with her team mates is now ‘Senior Acrobatic British Champion.’

Isobel trains four hours each week night apart from a Wednesday and she also trains all day Saturday. Each Wednesday evening and each Sunday she has to knuckle down and complete any school work that she has. What a dedicated attitude to fulfilling your dreams. We are in awe of you.

What an outstanding achievement. She informs me that she has not only a Gold medal but also a Silver and  a Bronze. We were beyond excited to be in the presence of such a Superstar!

Isobel we are so very proud of you and can’t wait to hear all about your future adventures. Your St Cuthbert’s family wish you all of the luck in the world.


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