When life gives you sunshine, go out and make new friends.

What a fabulous day for making new friendships, exploring new places and celebrating the world around us.

Foundation children you make us proud everyday. Your attitude towards learning and the respect you have for one another is wonderful. What a happy little family we are.

You are the little rays of sunshine of St Cuthbert’s school today.


A budding chef

Did someone call for a taxi?

Carefully does it.

A new friendship is blossoming

Crikey, you did not get my good side!

Anything you can do, I can do better!

Investigating bubbles

A beautiful friendship on the cards

The girls are in town

Fun times

In his favourite place. A budding builder.

Will it fit?

A dancing superstar.

Pretty please is it secret garden time?

What a beautiful new friendship

I just need a rest


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