What can you do?

“It really is quite tricky when you see someone in the street.

You want to reach out and cuddle them, it would be such a treat.

But this is not possible, you must stay away

2m is the rule they say, even in your play.

Fingers crossed it won’t we long, we’ll be together you and me.

We’ll dance and sing and play our games just like it used to be.”

I know some days I feel a little sad that I can’t go and spend time with the rest of my family. My children miss their grandparents. They miss playing with their friends and going to school.

Staying safe is the important thing at the moment. You can visit other people but remember to stay a safe distance away. Telephone your friends or write a letter. You could even video call them so you can see their lovely smiling faces.

As long as you remember to be careful and follow the guidance we are given, we will stay safe and be back together soon.

If your children are finding this time tricky watch this little movie with them.

Please go to Google and type ‘Faber’s children While we can’t hug.’ You will be directed to the animated version of the book below.


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