The Bread and Butter Thing – making your money go further.

“The Bread and Butter Ting is starting at St Catherine’s Church on Friday 5th March at 11 am.

Make your money go further and help keep good food out of the landfill. For £7.50 you will get three shopping bags of food; one of groceries, one of fruit and vegetables and one of refrigerated goods. It will not feed you for a week but it will allow you a bit more money to send in the local shops.

Get the first week FREE to see if you like the scheme. You need to REGISTER to take part. TEXT 07537416040 with your full name, address and give St Catherine’s Church as the hub you are collecting from.

All details on the attachments and on the church notice board.Any questions please contact

Pauline Holbrook on 01388 762315”


Please see St Catherine’s Church, Crook Fb page for more details.

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