Sporting Superstars in Early Years

What a fantastic morning we had celebrating our sporting skills. The children have been working very hard during PE sessions to learn and develop new skills. They have been finding out about different lifestyles and how they can keep themselves safe and healthy.

Before each PE session starts children warm up their bodies, ask your child why they do this. They should be able to tell you about the changes that take place in their bodies when they exercise and what we should do to prepare our bodies for physical exercise.

We think our children were fantastic this morning, showcasing their skills, having fun, following instructions and above all making their parents and school staff very proud.

Well done everybody and thank you to Mrs Cass for organising our sports day.


“We needed to try and put the ball in the bears mouth. I got it in.” Paul


“I liked jumping onto the mat from up a height.” Emily


“I like to run and I love to jump up and down. I liked the trampoline.” Teddy


“I liked jumping off the green table. I was good at throwing the bean bag into the bucket.” Winston


“I liked standing on the wobble spots.” Lily

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