Odd Sock Day in Foundation Stage

Today in Foundation Stage we celebrated our similarities and differences by wearing our odd socks.

We discussed which children in our class had similarities.

“They both have glasses but the glasses are different colours.” Corey

“I don’t look like Layla. She has brown hair and I have blonde hair. We are still friends even if our hair is different.” Aoife

We decided everyone is special and everyone can be kind, helpful, thoughtful and useful no matter how they look.

A fantastic lesson learnt today boys and girls.



We played a matching game. The socks had become jumbled and couldn’t find their pairs. We had to help them.

We designed our own odd socks and displayed them in our classroom. Which ones do you like?

We were super sock detectives and matched the pairs. We recorded this using a table.


“It is Odd Sock Day. Bullying isn’t kind. It doesn’t matter if we look the same or not.” Ciara


“We have odd socks on today. They look different. We are both not girls. We both have different hair. Mine is short and yours is long.” Finley

“Sometimes people might get bored wearing the same socks so today we have odd socks on. It is ok if our socks are odd, it doesn’t matter. They will still keep our feet warm. You look different to me. You don’t have glasses but I do. We are in the same class though.” Finn



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