It’s Graduation day here at St Cuthbert’s

What a day! Our Reception Class have been celebrating their Graduation today. 

It is a bittersweet day for us all in Foundation Stage. We celebrate the many achievements and milestones of our youngest children in school but it reminds us that it is soon time for them to move on to their next step in their learning journey as they take the leap to Key Stage 1. We are very sorry to see them go but, we are so very, very proud of all that they have accomplished whilst with us in our Early Years setting.

We think you are all superstars.

Here is the very special song that we sang together at the end of our Graduation. We thought you might like to read the words.

“Start spreading the news,

we’re leaving today.

We want to be a part of it,

Year 1, Year 1.


We’ve worked very hard,

our teachers are proud.

So open up the doors to us,

Year 1, Year1.


We know our alphabet

and all of our numbers too.

We all can write our names

and tie our shoes.


So when summers done

and we’re all done with play.

They all will send us to it,

Year 1, Year 1.


If we can make it there,

we’ll make it anywhere.

So, here we come,

Year 1, Year 1.”


Here are a few photos of us enjoying our Graduation cake and taking some silly pictures with our friends.

Thank you to all of our families who joined us in celebrating with us today.


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