Happy World Friendship Day

What is International Day of Friendship?

International Day of Friendship is a day to appreciate and promote friendships from all backgrounds.

Celebrated across the globe on July 30, 2020, the day aims to bridge the gaps between factors such as race, language and culture

International Day of Friendship promotes the idea that forming friendships between peoples, countries, cultures and individuals which can inspire peace and build bridges between those communities.

Why is International Day of Friendship important?

Friendship requires being thoughtful, caring, sharing and looking out for other people. Letting your friends know how much they mean to you and celebrating your friendship will lead to a much happier life.

International Day of Friendship can help build and strengthen relationships in spite of differences in cultures. The day can help build a more kind and peaceful world.

You got a friend in me

Ways you could celebrate International Day of Friendship

  • Ring up a friend and have a chat
  • Reach out to someone who you’ve not spoken to in a while
  • Think about what unites people instead of what separates us
  • Make a friendship bracelet
  • Write a list of what you love about your friends and share it with them
  • Make an International Day of Friendship display
  • Think about what makes a good friend
  • Write an acrostic poem with the word FRIENDSHIP.



Listen to the story of the Rainbow fish. He learns how to become a better friend.

Press on the link below.

The Rainbow Fish


I am sure you all know how to play the game, ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors.’ It is a game we like to play at my house.

Watch this funny short movie of how three characters became friends despite their differences.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Here at St Cuthbert’s we are excellent at making, building and celebrating our friendships with each other.

Relationships that are made during your time at school will be kept for many, many years.

Happy World Friendship day everyone.

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