Happy Half Term

We have made it to the end of this half term and what a half term it has been!

We have all had to learn new skills this half term, the biggest being completing our learning from home. We are so very proud of each and everyone of you who has engaged in home learning and not forgetting those children who have attended school and completed their learning in an environment that isn’t quite the same as it usually is. You have amazed us and continue to astound us with your commitment and strength. The support we have received from your family members is nothing short of wonderful. For this we say a great big THANK YOU!

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We are thankful for each of the families that make St Cuthbert’s RC Primary the special place it is. We will continue to work together to achieve great things.

A thought for you, something I would like you to think about and remember,

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I would like you to make me a few promises for your half term holiday. I would like you to promise me;

to smile everyday and try hard to bring a smile to others,

have fun and laugh every single day,

make memories with those you love,

stay safe and healthy.

One last thing before you start your holidays.

Listen to this song and sing at the top of your voice for all to hear. I guarantee you will finish the song with a smile. Imagine all of your friends singing along with you.



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