First Aiders in Year 2

Recently, Year 2 took part in a First Aid workshop, to develop their skills and understanding in the event of an emergency.  The children worked very hard in this session and learnt a lot.  I was very impressed by their knowledge.

Year 2 learnt the importance of knowing their address (house number, street, town and postcode) as this is information that they would need to share with emergency services if there was an emergency at home.  The children also practised which number we need to call in this country if we have an emergency – 999!  The children were able to identify the three main emergency services confidently and knew which service they would need to ask for depending on the type of emergency.  The children enjoyed role-playing conversations which they might have if they phoned 999, thinking about the information they would need to share and considering the types of questions they might be asked to help the first responders.

At the end of the session, the children also learnt about CPR, including when this might be necessary and the basic skills involved.  The children were very sensible in this activity, learning a skill which could one-day be life-saving.

Well done, Year 2!

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