Junior Mission and Minnie Vinnies have come together to learn about Fairtrade.

Miss McElhone introduced a ‘Fairtrade project’ to our Minnie Vinnies and Junior Mission children.

The children heard a story about a young girl called Therese, who lives in a country in West Africa called Cote d’lvoire. Cote d’lvoire is the world’s largest producer of Cocoa beans, which is the special ingredient in chocolate.

Even though cocoa farmers work very, very hard, the average cocoa farmer in Cote d’lvoire earns just 74p a DAY. This means that farmers are not able to meet their family’s basic needs.

Some of our children today were shocked by this story. We went on to tell them, that Therese is now grown up and has eight children of her own. She wants her children to be happy and healthy, and wanted to earn enough money to meet her children’s basic needs.

Therese joined a Fairtrade cocoa farming cooperative which means she is paid a much better price for her cocoa beans. This means that Therese and her hard working husband have enough money to be able to pay their children’s school fees, pay for school books and pay for a school lunch.

Our children understand that Therese along with her family are our brothers and sisters and we should take responsibility to help them in any way we can.

“God has given us two hands, one to receive with and the other to give with.”

Billy Graham

Miss McElhone has bought some Fairtrade merchandise and as a group we will be setting up a Fairtrade shop in school. The money that we make will allow us to purchase more goods to sell. We will keep you posted with more details. Watch out for information posters!

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