Church Bulletin 4.4.21


Dear Parishioners and Friends

Whilst as I write it is still Good Friday, by tomorrow morning I shall be celebrating my first Easter Vigil.

It doesn’t feel like 3 days! I wish you all a very Happy & Holy Easter. The director of Rossendale Amateur Operatic Society, about 2 weeks after Easter proclaimed “Easter’s over, let’s get on with the rehearsals.” I could have corrected him, but we know better don’t we? 50 days of celebrating Christ’s resurrection. New life, free from sin, born again into God’ family through baptism. Death destroyed, eternal life gained.


I am so grateful to all of those across the parishes who have prepared the churches for the worthy celebrations that we have been able to have, flowers, church decor, readers, cleaners & stewards, musicians, to all who have attended – churches have thankfully not been full but enough of you present to say “Yes we were there”. Thanks too to all of you who continue to join us via Facebook and YouTube. I hope you have felt as much part of it as possible.


My main concern at the moment is to make progress with Baptism and First Holy Communion preparations; A couple of marriages are on the books and we may still have to keep all these celebrations toned down. I am hoping our temporary absence from the physical building and subsequent gathering once more gives us a sense of not going back to normal, but appreciating more what our faith is about, and that we are more keen to share that with those of our families and friends who may have been longer away from our community. Our 1st reading from Easter to Pentecost from the Acts of the Apostles gives us a glimpse of how those early apostles and disciples, filled with the same Holy Spirit we have received at Confirmation, were driven to share the Gospel with anyone they could and the church grew exponentially. How is our return after Covid a chance to look once more at how we can grow the Church?


With all God’s blessings


Fr Nick

Partnership Note 4 April 2021

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