Church Bulletin 18.07.21

16th Sunday Year B

What strikes me in today’s Gospel is Jesus’ compassion for, firstly, his disciples,

wanting to take them to a quiet place after their initiation into mission. How did it go?

Did people accept your message or reject it? How did you feel when that happened?

I was surprised, when I invited Mum to join me on retreat, our last time away together,

to Dalmally in Scotland about 4 years ago,

that she said she had never been on retreat since she was a girl in school.

Do we take the opportunity to have time away with the Lord,

to give him the chance to care for the parts others can’t reach?

Minsteracres, probably our nearest retreat house, have a bit of a programme getting going

(as well as appealing for volunteers to help out); or perhaps you would like to organise your own.

Jesus also has compassion for the crowd, sheep without a shepherd. Are there sheep we have forgotten

about, or neglected, or abandoned? Some people have said they have felt the church has abandoned them

during the pandemic. Where do we need to be to find the lost sheep?

For 25+ years young people have been gathering at the Youth2000 festival to celebrate their faith,

about 22 of those at Our Lady’s shrine at Walsingham. Many people camp.

From first being asked to attend in 2001, I have never missed; it is so life-giving.

Sometimes I have taken young people with me, occasionally gone alone.

Last year it did not happen; this year it is on our doorstep at Ampleforth Abbey in North Yorkshire

We hope to get hold of a mini-bus which should go from Durham.

You can go for the whole week-end, (Friday to Monday) or book as a day visitor.


Partnership Note 18 July 2021

Church Bulletin 18.07.21

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