Church Bulletin – 14.2.21

Of course I want to; be cured

6th Sunday of Ordinary Time Year B

Dear Friends and Parishioners,


Jesus wants to heal us, make us whole. In which areas of our lives are we still unclean?

Do we turn to him, with full faith in his ability, asking him to make us whole in those areas

if he wants to, if it is His will? Imagine him saying to you “Of course I want to be cured.” He can do it.


I forgot to add in the bulletin yesterday that as last year we are invited to join St Mary’s Hartlepool for Stations of the Cross every Saturday 9.30am

but I will also try to share it from our own page after 9.15 Morning Prayer, with 10.00am Mass following

I can see your Halos shining already.


Or you can join Cafod Friday 19 February – and every Friday during Lent – 11am
Stations of the Cross

This Lent, we will walk through the Stations of the Cross online in a prayerful journey of transformation in solidarity with people living in poverty around the world.

Join us as we meditate on Christ’s journey to the cross, following themes of justice, poverty, mercy, friendship and hope.Register to join us.


If you need to look up this week’s readings1

Universalis in English                                                                                                   

or American with reflections


New Format for Children’s Liturgy from Redemptorist Publications

Watch Here


Remember Wo/Man that thou art dust and unto dust thou shalt return.


Fr Nick


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