Church Bulletin 10.10.21

28th Sunday Year B

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

There is one thing you lack. Sell what you own and give the money to the poor. The man went away sad

because he was rich. He was a good man keeping the commandments, but he was possessed by his possessions

and even wanted to inherit/possess the Kingdom. 2 explanations for the “Eye of the Needle”. Firstly it is amusing

to think of anyone trying the thread a needle with a camel – not likely. Some say the “Eye of the Needle” was a gate

through which a loaded camel cannot pass and would have to unload first before being able to pass;

therefore there may be things we have to unload before we can enter the Kingdom.

Others say it is a mistranslation of “knot” or “rope”. Try threading a needle with either of those!

It may be riches, or there may be something else which we need to let go of if we are to enter the Kingdom.

Ask God in your meditation to set you free from whatever it may be.

Many thanks to Moya for this week’s bulletin, Anne B for her bulletin assistance in the office,

Anne T for taking on the role of registering marriages, for all the work with flowers, money,

preparing the sacristy. If anyone is available to help with preparing the church for Mass (sacristan)

there is a training day coming up soon. Please let me know. Thanks to Mark for sorting out the new laptop.

YouTube users will be pleased to know that Mass streamed from the cupboard should resume this week.

Thanks to Anne Smith and others for our Rosary Event last Thursday to re-launch the Fatima Statue

It was very edifying to enjoy some soup and a chat afterwards – thanks to all the soup makers.

Don’t miss the next opportunity to pray together around St Francis if I can find the right DVD or another if not.

And don’t eat too much beforehand so we can enjoy our chip butty. Thursday 21st October.

2nd Collection for Survive MIVA  Find more about them here

and click on the donate button.

At a time when we had 2 priests from Hexham and Newcastle diocese out in a mission diocese in Ngong, Kenya,

the home diocese offered to pay for a new vehicle “as and when”. Having acquired the Toyota Hilux that Fr John Cooper,

whom I replaced to be in a neighbouring parish (an hour’s drive!) to Fr Eddie Gibbons, had been driving, by the time the lights came on every time I pressed the brakes, I was replacing leaf springs every month, I knew I was up for a replacement.

I had to do a pro-forma which included the cost in Kenya Shillings (good to see the empire left something useful)

of the new vehicle along with the cost in pounds sterling after conversion. By the time H&N treasury responded

there had been a substantial change in the exchange rate in my favour leaving me with a lot of spare cash after buying the 4×4 pick-up. I had a request from the lead catechist that he wanted a “piki-piki” a small off road scrambler type bike for the rough roads and tracks so he could visit the various out-stations. The left-overs from the pick-up was about half what I needed for a Yamaha DT175. Survive MIVA supplied me the other half. I did get chance to run it in for 6 months before James was taught how to ride it –fuelling my own Born –again Biker status a couple of years after coming back to UK.

Wheeling it inside the parish house for safe-keeping, the bishop was there asking what engine capacity it was.

When I told him it was a 175cc he said “The one two five is better because of the speed” to which I thought,

no, the 175 is better because of the speed !

I am grateful to Survive MIVA because the money definitely comes. My Dad rang them up, told them of the great distances

involved in my first parish – around 900 square miles with 20 outstations – so they supported us  with money for about a dozen or so bicycles as well for the catechists.

This collection is not supported by a national/diocesan collection, but I can vouch for Survive MIVA’s support for missionary work. Give them your support and know that somewhere whatever we collect today will go towards bikes, motorbikes, trucks for medical missionaries etc. Please help yourself to prayer their prayer cards and magazines at the back of church.

Synod Please note the information on the Synod from the diocese, and Mass next Sunday evening at St Mary’s Cathedral, Newcastle to launch the process. Why not join the streamed Mass if you cannot attend in person?

School visits. I was very pleased to celebrate Mass at Blessed John Duckett school last Thursday, and  to welcome the children of St Cuthbert’s nursery and reception along with their parents for a short service on Friday followed by refreshments in the centre. Thanks to those who prepared the tea, coffee and juice. The little dog Snoopy was very pleased to see them as well!

Message from Sister Assumpta

Sister Assumpta offers her sincere thanks to everyone who made her special evening last Saturday so memorable. Fr Nick’s uplifting celebration of the holy Mass in her honour made this an occasion that will be long remembered. Also thanks to Astrid for her accompanying music and to those who decorated the church with beautiful flowers. The evening continued at St Thomas’ Centre, with abundant floral tributes. The food provided by the people was magnificent. Sister Assumpta particularly appreciated her decorated cake and she was extremely grateful for the presentations, the love and kindness shown to her. Many thanks again to Fr Nick and everyone who helped and contributed in any way.

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Have a blessed week

Fr Nick

Final Synod Information

Pastoral Letter October 2021


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