Church Bulletin 06.06.21

Solemnity of Corpus Christi

You may remember a few years ago a clutch of feasts (particularly Holy Days of Obligation)

were moved to Sundays with the idea that not everyone can attend easily during the week

but hopefully can on Sunday. However, hopefully not with the intention of confusing us further,

some were moved back. Ascension Sunday never made any sense to me as it was not 40 days after Easter.

Corpus Christi, however has remained on Sunday. – Makes sense if considering the Resurrection

bit of Christ’s mystery, though Thursday was the night he gave us His Body and Blood, so works as well.

It worked best when Holy Days were holidays.


Away from the trauma of Good Friday, this feast helps us look again at the gift Jesus left us.

Often when I go away I like to buy something small, even post-cards, or fridge magnets as a reminder

of being in a pleasant spot so that years later it trips my memory and brings back those happy feelings.

Sometimes if you meet someone and you get on, you may swap gifts; you look at the gift and remember

the person concerned. Jesus gave his disciples a lump of hard flat bread and said when you eat this

you can remember me. How ordinary bread is for so many cultures (I think we looked before at

how many types of bread you can think of – if it’s 32 you are doing as well as a group in Hartlepool)

Yet here we are 2000 years later still celebrating Jesus’ memory bringing bread and wine,

consuming his precious Body and Blood. It works. How does receiving the Body and Blood of Christ

affect you? How has not being able to receive because of lockdown affected you?

Please keep the children making their first Holy Communion in your prayers currently,

as well as those about to start preparations.


What is your most important memory, and how would you like to be remembered?


Thanks to Patrick for his work on this week’s bulletin, as well as our readers, stewards, cleaners

flower girls, pray-ers, ministers, visitors etc

If you have been away, or are still away, I hope it is/was very enjoyable.


Don’t forget to check out the Parish Picnic, hopefully after further easing of Covid restrictions,

and pray for good weather!!


A blessed Sunday for this very special Holy Day


Fr Nick


Church Bulletin 06.06.21

Partnership Note 6 June 2021

Church Bulletin 06.06.21

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