Church Bulletin 01.05.22

3rd Sunday Easter Year C

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Nearly every week I find a few people to thank for their work, support and contribution to the life of the parish,

Not least Anne B for this week’s bulletin, and Brian for keeping the grass mowed. There is always something to do.

What happens if there is only one person doing a particular job and they need to be away? Who does it then?

Can we keep an eye to succession training so there is always somebody ready to step up and fill someone else’s’ shoes

(in a mixed metaphor). If you are already in a ministry, I am sure you have asked others to help, so if you are without a job

And get asked Please be generous in supporting whoever asks you. Also if you are standing down from a post please be generous in asking others to take your place. A previous parish had around 6 sacristans at any one time,

(Probably about 10 across the years) so it was never a burden on any individual. I would like to see children’s liturgy again

In all the parishes. Bereavement visiting needs a little sensitivity but one or two of you are out there if you are willing

see how God can use you to accompany others and bring them comfort in their need. Every one of you has gifts. If I get a gift

Off a parishioner and put it in the drawer never to be used the donor has every right to take offence, and would probably want

To take the gift  and give it to someone who would want to use it. What gift have you got? Many thanks to those who are generously

Usung their gifts. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of you see what you can do  to love and serve the Lord.

I am aware there are reasons some people cannot give more time than their weekly hour at Mass through caring for a sick relative

or child care, but I am still amazed at those who still manage to work for us from home. Is there anything you can do for us from home?

Please do not be offended if we ask you, but if you would like to take on a work do not wait to be asked! Come and see us. There may well be activities you are good at that are not mentioned here. Perhaps you might like to start a knitting or art group just to bring people together over a cup of tea. Perhaps you have got a group going in which case  why not invite parishioners to join?

I have been calling this appeal a ministries trawl. Not a bad phrase considering the Gospel narrative for today. I hope as we do God’s will we end up with a large catch. I hope too that we have opportunities to eat together as the apostles did with Jesus. Above all keep praying for our parishes and all who minister in them.

Please keep the Sisters in your prayers as they attend a spiritual day in Sunderland this Saturday.

I hope you’re your fishing fills the nets.

Have a blessed week.

Fr Nick

3rd Sunday Year C

Come and have breakfast. What a lovely invitation to have a fish barbecue after a night of initially unsuccessful fishing then a huge catch almost swamping the boat. Sounds tiring but the adrenaline may well have still been pumpimg. Can you imagine their excited conversation about the abundance of fish, and their meeting with the risen Jesus? Think of all the special meals you have had. Talk about it with someone today. Who was there? What was the meal for. Was Jesus with you at that meal?

Jesus asks Peter three times to say he loved Jesus, usually recognised as corresponding with the three times Peter denied Jesus before his trial. The word Jesus uses the first 2 times is agape  meaning a total self-giving love; the word Peter responds is philo as I might love learning or have due regard for a friend. He cannot agree to the sacrificial love yet. Jesus the third time meets Jesus where he is “Do you love (philo)  me?” How deep is our love for Jesus? As a friend? Or the self-giving love he has for me? He gives Peter his now job, ,no longer fishing but shepherding. What job has he given you as you tell him you love him? How  is He commissioning you?

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