A message from Father Nick. Church Bulletin 13.9.20

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The Unforgiving Servant

Domenico Fetti (1589–1623)

Dear Parishioners and Friends


How easy is it to forgive someone who has hurt you? I tried telling someone I had forgiven him

and for what, which caused him to say I was just listing all the things I had against him.

It reminds me of the priest retreat given in Africa where the retreat giver advised the priests

to go and tell people that they wanted to forgive them. At the end of the talk there was a long queue

waiting to talk to the bishop!


It has been good to have “live” congregations this past week. Then what?

Are you confused about the latest Covid instructions? I am.

I have been looking out for e-mails or information on the website

that tells us we can or cannot gather in church following Prime Minister Johnson’s instruction

on the rule of 6. Taking from another parish’s Facebook page it seems we are still permitted

to gather so long as we do not sit in a party of 6 that is not of one household.

SO long as we keep our hands sanitised, keep 2m apart as we enter, sit 1 m apart with our masks on

then we should be alright. At least for now! Any change I will let you know. Please read the longer

set of instructions below.


Thanks this week go to Anne B for the bulletin, Paper copies are available at the back of Church

along with notes. Please do not collect then leave on the bench but take home with you.

Don’t forget that because I am celebrating Mass in church on Sunday and Tuesday,

there will be no streamed Mass from Crook those days.

Check the link on the bulletin or webpage to find Mass elsewhere online.


Thanks to Pat L for the flowers in my cupboard where I stream Mass,

Sister P. for Lectern Frontals recycled from Chalice veils, Tanya for rotas till Christmas,

Janette for Cleaning and Stewarding rotas. Currently we only have enough for 2 cleaning

teams. If you are able to come in  for an hour every 2-3 weeks please let me or Janette

know. Thanks to Brian for getting the Mower fixed and keeping the grass mowed.

And Maria Luisa for everything else! Have I missed anyone? Thanks to Deacon Michael

for our homily this week; there will be no page with homily and bidding prayers

so it’s all on here this week


Please look up the message from Bishop Robert Byrne on the diocesan website

about returning to church.



And the Churches Together Drive-in service at Stanhope showground

will take place this Sunday 13th September 3pm. Worship music by Icthus.

I think you are allowed to get out of your car but it might be one side only.

Booking is essential. I can’t see the link on the flyer so here it is.



If you need to look up this week’s readings

Universalis in English



or American with reflections



For our younger participants

Paper Copies of Look are now available at the back of Church to collect at the beginning or end of Mass


Children’s Mass still coming from Glengormley near Belfast each Sunday 11am

which I have had recommended by a family in the parish



And Cafod has a live children’s Liturgy at 10am on Sunday

but you have to register first



Fr Nick

Drive In Service Flyer

Partnership Note 13 September 2020 (1)

Bulletin 4 13th Sept 2020 (2)

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