Phonics and Reading

All Foundation Stage pupils along with all KS1 pupils will be taught Literacy through our new programme Read Write Inc. Read Write Inc, developed by Ruth Miskin, which is a systematic approach to teaching Literacy. The programme has been specially developed to teach your child how to read and write as well as develop their speaking and listening, comprehension, grammar, punctuation and spelling skills.
At the heart of Read Write Inc. Phonics is the systematic teaching of all the common sounds in the English language which Read Write Inc calls speed sounds. Children are taught to recognise the sounds, ‘fred talk’ them and blend the sounds together for reading.

In the Foundation Stage children are taught one way of representing the 44 main sounds of English first, and then during their time in KS1 children will go on to learn the alternative spellings.

When teaching the letter sounds, it is important to remember to keep them very ‘pure’ and distinct, to help with sound-blending later on. To enable your child to gain confidence in reading, they should only be asked to read words containing letter sounds they know securely.

Read Write Inc. introduces the simple Speed Sounds with Speed Sounds Set 1 and Set 2. They then learn more ways of writing the same sounds with the complex Speed Sounds Set 3. Children are taught letter names when they are ready to move onto Speed Sounds Set 3.

Once children know the first set of Speed Sounds, they are ready to read the first Storybooks.

Speed Sounds Set 1 – taught mainly in FS and consolidated in Year 1
m – a – s – d – t – i – n – p – g – o – c – k – u – b – f – e – l – h – sh – r – j – v – y – w – th – z – ch – qu – x – ng – nk

Speed Sounds Set 2 – taught mainly in Year 1 or Year 2
ay – ee – igh – ow – oo – oo – ar – or – air – ir – ou – oy

Speed Sounds Set 3 – taught mainly in Year 2
a-e – ea – i-e – o-e – u-e – aw – are – ur – er – ow – ai – oa – ew – ire – ear – ure – tious – tion

In every Literacy lesson in KS1 children will be taught a new sound and how to read that sound in words. They will then move on to daily reading and writing activities around a Read Write Inc story book.
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We encourage parents to read regularly with their children. We support this in school through a range of colour coded reading books which your child will progress through during their time at St. Cuthberts and in KS2 children will also develop their reading skills through guided reading sessions.