Early Years Weekly Planning update

Apologies, some of the links in this weeks phonic planning did not work successfully. I am uploading  the planning again to rectify this problem. Sorry for any inconvenience. planning week 2

A rocking time in Year 3 this week.

This week the children in Year 3 really enjoyed investigating the properties of rocks. We tested the rocks durability, permeability, density and whether the rocks were hard or soft. They used excellent scientific vocabulary...

Church Bulletin 11.1.21

Please click on the links below to access this weeks Bulletin. Partnership Note 10 Jan 2021 (1) White Flower Talk 2021 Church Bulletin 100121AB (2)

Home and School Learning in Early Years

What a busy week we have had this week in our Early Years setting. We welcomed our children back to school on Monday and had a fantastic day hearing all about their Christmas gifts...

Early Years Homework Menu

Please find attached a copy of our Homework Menu for our Early Years children Homework menu –  Bubbles

Meet Mr Snowballs.

Meet Mr Snowballs. He is a new addition to our Early Years family. Well done to our fantastic Early Years boys, they’ve done a fantastic job creating our new pupil. We hope he lasts!

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