Computing skills for Year 2

Year 2 are working hard to develop their Computing skills within ‘Digital Literacy’. First of all, they practised logging on to their school accounts.  I was very impressed that they remembered how important it...

Funny faces in Foundation Stage today.

We have been discussing our facial features. We have used a mirror to check what colour eyes we have. We have used collage materials, play dough and coloured pens to create different kinds of...

St John’s Open Evening

Open Evening on Tuesday 28 September 5.30-7.30pm Please click on the link to view promotional video.

Year 6 School Council

Year 6 have elected their School Councillors. They have also elected both a secretary for Council meetings and Chair to keep the meeting on track. Last week School Council held their first meeting of...

Church Bulletin 19.9.21

25th Sunday Year B A lady once said “I don’t like children” referring to them being in church. I wasn’t sure if she added, or if I made it up as one of those...

Sport stars in year 2

The Year 2 children have enjoyed exercising together, developing their co-ordination, balance, speed and agility skills in a recent PE lesson.  Keep up the hard work, Y2!

Year 3 School Councillors

Year 3 have elected their class School Councillors. We know you are going to do a fantastic job. Good Luck.

Fantastic Fabulous Friday for Foundation Stage

What a fantastic morning we have had today in the ‘Secret Garden.’ We have been exploring, finding bugs, managing our own risk and problem solving. It was fantastic to see children working as a...

Crispie cake fun.

Early years children have been finding out what changes take place when chocolate is heated. The children worked together as a team to make crispie cakes. They found out how to melt chocolate and...

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