School Admissions


Selection arrangements, over-subscription criteria and application process….

Please see our Admissions policies here.

Further Information

Visit the Durham County Council website for information regarding the school admission process.

To appeal against an admission decision visit: School admissions-appeals.


The majority of Children with Special Educational Needs can be supported at any nursery school, nursery unit or Early Years setting. Nursery provision is also available in certain Special Schools. Support for individual pupils is determined by Durham Local Authority through Education, Health and Care Assessment.

The Durham Local Authority Admissions criteria stipulate that children are offered a Nursery place according to their age.  However, children identified with Special Educational Needs are given priority irrespective of when they have their third birthday.

If you feel that your child has additional needs that we need to consider and that may entitle them to be given priority during the admission process, please let us know when you submit their application form.

Further information can be found in our School Admission Policy, SEN Policy and Equality Policy.