PE and Sports Premium

Sports Premium funding is designed to help schools make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport they offer.

In 2016/2017, our school’s allocation was £8,864.  The below shows how this funding was spent.

DCC Primary School PE Service (for Staff Professional Development-involves coaches coming into school to deliver a variety of clubs to our pupils with the aim of training our staff to deliver the programmes in future         )                                                                                                                                                                                     £2,700

Lunchtime Sport Activities                                                            £4,750

School Stickers for Sports Day                                                      £47

Consett YMCA-Climbing Wall for Sports Week                           £350

Shelving for Super Sports Stars Kits                                              £24

Auckland Castle (Bouncy Castle for Sports week)                       £125

Transport for Foundation Stage-Mini Olympics Festival           £125

Transport for Dance Festival                                                         £132

CVL League Fees                                                                             £160

Kids R Fit- Hula Hoop session                                                         £66

Sports for School Event                                                                  £6

Taxi for Tag Rugby Festival                                                            £75

Shorts and T’shirts for Super Sports Stars                                   £104

Taxi for Soccer King Football Tournament                                   £60

Entry for Soccer King Football tournament                                 £40

Community links with Sports Clubs                                £100

Balance remaining at the end of Jan 2017                                  £0

Monitoring of the Sport Premium 2016    

2015-2018 Action Plan & Summary of the Impact of Sport Premium at St Cuthbert’s’ School

Area of Focus

(these are the revised aims of the Sport Premium funding and government/Ofsted  priorities)

Key Actions


(these are the key actions identified to improve our provision)

Monitoring Responsibility and Timescale

(RAG rated to identify progress)

Actual Impact on Pupils


(the difference it has made or will make)




(sign-posts to

the sources of evidence)



(identify funding from Sport Premium)


1. Engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity; kick-starting healthy active lifestyles (Wellbeing) Continue with Lunchtime basket ball league for KS2


Playleaders to engage KS1 children in active games and activities at lunchtimes



Increase children’s participation in community sport- taster days? One a term?


Explore possibility of raising a grant to fund a running track for field.

     PE LT

Reviewed termly

Pupils will have increased regular physical activity- which will embed a healthy lifestyle

May be some gains in physical fitness


Develop a sense of belonging to school, responsibility to peers, develop competition


Increase children’s commitment to physical activity and probably increase attainment levels



Possible evidence

in PE observations or core task record forms


Through pupil voice


Participation audit











2. To increase the confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport (working in partnerships)      Engage in cluster CPD- use additional time to support individual staff where necessary.


Monitoring of coaches within the curriculum.


Two stage focus on assessment;

Embed Core tasks- key planning tool for teachers.

All staff to familiarise themselves with progression of skills for their age range

Quality Assure assessment judgements through moderation and developing exemplar material for class standards.


PLT to develop a greater understanding of the skills of staff in delivery of PE.




Assessment to be developed over two years.

















     Pupils Challenged appropriately

More active and engaged in lessons

Make greater rates of progress

Have a better understanding of how to improve themselves


Pupils will continue to have high quality PE experiences and develop at a greater rate


Narrowing attainment gaps

For younger children- fundamental movement and for older children to improve thinking understanding and application of skills


Super Sports Stars every Friday to develop Fundamental movement Skills- Purchase of sports kit and shelving

     Staff CPD logs

Lesson obs/proformas

Core task record forms to show pupil progress


































3. Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils (partners / curriculum PE / extra-curricular provision)      Introduce one taster day per term to widen the curriculum offer to signpost children to community participation.



To investigate ways to cope with over demand in clubs.



Completed July 2017

     Children will become more aware of the sporting opportunities available to them locally. Some may be encouraged to join out of school clubs.



Record of pupils attendance at out of school clubs. £100
4. Increased participation in competitive sport (Participation & success / intra and interschool)      Build and grow School Sports Week- use play leaders to help with delivery and organisation.



Ensure children have a range of opportunities to participate in festivals and football league.

Aim to achieve the Sainsburys Games silver award by engaging more children in particpating in sports clubs and festivals.












July 2017

Play leaders will develop and use their leadership skills in real situations.



Ensure children have a range of opportunities to participate in festivals and football league.


Representation at level 3 school games. £588











After Easter when we receive our next allocation of funding, we will update the plan for the following year.