Pupil Premium

Pupil premium is additional funding given to publicly funded schools in England to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and close the gap between them and their peers.

The Pupil Premium is calculated on the number of children who have been on free school meals at any time during the previous 6 years of education, those who are in the care of a local authority and those who are from families who are part of the Armed Forces.  The income received in a financial year is based on the January census.

The school receives £1,320 for children who during the past 6 years have been entitled to a free school meal, £300 for Service children and £1,900 for Looked After children. For the latter the children must have been looked after for one day or more or adopted from care or have left care under a special guardianship/residence or child arrangement order.

In the financial year 2017/2018, our school expects to receive £79,920 for pupil premium based on the Jan 2017 census.

Summary of Barriers to Educational Achievement at St Cuthbert’s RC Primary School

The challenges faced by eligible pupils are wide-ranging, their attainment on entry varies and the school takes account of each child’s entry point and ensures they are well supported to achieve their potential. Below are shared some of these barriers which can apply to pupils in our school.

Pupils entering school are in some instances below the national expectation in the areas of understanding, speaking, self-confidence and awareness, reading, number, the world, technology, expressive arts and design.
Find it difficult to interact with other pupils
Require additional support to access phonics, reading and developing their writing skills
Require additional support in mathematics
Attendance issues may impact on progress and attainment
If parents have had poor educational experiences themselves, we work hard to establish strong links and provide a positive educational experience.
We measure the impact of pupil premium by closely monitoring our intervention programmes, through learning walks, pupil progress meetings, data and work scrutiny. We monitor the progress of these children and provide support as described below if it is required. These children have priority access to these interventions. In practice, this means that if their progress is border line for their ability, they will receive additional support. The impact of this will be reviewed every six to eight weeks, pupils attainment and progress will be discussed with governors. The overall impact will be evaluated in the summer / autumn term 2017.

Overview of the school

Number of pupils and pupil premium grant (PPG) received
Total number of pupils on roll in Jan 2016 excluding nursery 192
Total number 0f pupils eligible for PPG 60
Total amount of PPG received £79,920

All schools are required to report on the amount of funding received and how it has been used.
The Governors and Leadership of St Cuthbert’s RC Primary have considered carefully how to use this funding and we will measure the impact of all the different types of support and intervention.
This money will to be used to fund the following:

Approx Cost Item Description Desired Impact
£19,380 Intervention Teacher –Key Stage 2 To team teach within specific year groups targeting groups of children that need challenge and support To narrow gaps between groups
£12,301 Teaching Assistant Support in KS2 Targeted support for children that are in danger of falling behind in Literacy and Numeracy in Year 3 and 4 To raise the standards in Reading and Writing in Year 3 and 4 for disadvantaged pupils.

Intervention timely and effectively ensuring support and challenge for children to meet their potential



Teaching Assistant Support in KS2 focusing on Reading 2 afternoons per week in Autumn term 2016 and Spring term 2017 to deliver the Booster Reading Programme To improve standards in reading for disadvantaged pupils.
£5,800 Parent Support Advisor To work with families who require additional support Strengthening links between parents and the school. Allowing for open communication and a cohesive plan of action going forward.
£785 Itrack Programme To enable school to monitor the achievement of all children.


Teachers are aware of how different groups of children are performing and use this to impact their planning in a rigorous and systematic way
£800 Service Level Agreement-Viva A service which will provide support to staff, parents and pupils in improving social skills and relationships within school. Children will be more emotionally intelligent, and any personal barriers they have to learning may be addressed.
£1,055 Mathletics Personalised computer based programme to improve skills in Maths for children in all year groups. Can be accessed from home. Parents are more involved in home learning. Children are more excited to learn. Improved standards across schools at all levels
£24,737 Intervention Assistant Support in KS2 focusing on Maths To team teach within specific year groups targeting groups of children that need challenge and support using Catch up Numeracy Programme To narrow gaps between groups in Maths and to raise standards in Maths.


Access to enrichment activities e.g. school trips/breakfast club/after school clubs and other extra- curricular clubs for individual students Ensuring that all children have access to school trips/clubs and new experiences Broadening children’s interests, expanding horizons and cultivating aspirations.
£2,590 Release time for Assessment Co-ordinator To cover the cost of supply cover for Literacy/Assessment co-ordinator to be released from class to focus on narrowing the gap between FSM and non FSM pupils Interventions more effectively planned to target groups highlighted from tracking.

Improved knowledge of co-ordinator on attainment across key stages.

£1,000 Free milk ( for current FSM children) following the government’s announcement that from Jan 2015 children should be offered free milk Milk to be provide free of charge daily at morning break time for children currently eligible for free school meals Improved health
£2,900 Establishment of a lunch club To cover the cost of 2 members of staff for 2.5hpw to provide a lunch club. Estimated cost also includes resources To provide a safe and secure alternative to outdoor play at lunchtime. To work with small groups to improve social and emotional skills in an informal setting. It will also improve access to learning during PM sessions, better behaviour in unstructured time.
£188 Music Tuition Covers the cost of the tuition of 2 pupils To give the pupils the opportunity to learn how to play a musical instrument which they are passionate about.