School Performance

Dear Parents/ Carers,

As you are aware, our children have been the first cohort of Year 2 and Year 6 children to be tested under a new curriculum as well as a new assessment system. Right up until the results were made available to schools to download on the 5th July, schools did not know the pass mark for the reading comprehension, maths and SPaG test.

Education Minister, Nicky Morgan, also reported the night before the results were released that it is impossible to compare this round of SATs results to previous SATs years.  This is quite telling.

In Year 6, we have to report to you whether or not your child has met the expected standard for that year or not met the expected standard. For the reading, maths and SPaG test, this is determined by the DFE. We also reported to Year 6 and all parents the teacher assessments for reading, writing and maths based on the bigger picture of the children’s learning.

Sharing with you whether or not your child has or has not met the standard only tells you about the expected end point. It does not inform you or your child about the amazing progress they have made. Previously we have been given the progress measures from the end of Year 2 to 6. As our Year 6 children were tested at the end of Year 2 under a different system, the DFE do not have that information for us to process.

Attached to this letter is information around percentages of children meeting the various expectations at all stages of their development. Our children and staff have worked extremely hard this year, under challenging circumstances and made great strides to develop and improve our school. Please be mindful that these percentages do not tell the whole story of achievement in our school and we are more than a set of figures.

Your child’s report is key in sharing with you their progress, the amazing young person they have become and their strengths, talents and what makes them so special. Take time to celebrate with your child the wonderful person they are. We all have areas to develop which will come as we approach a new school year, but for now let’s enjoy and celebrate all we have achieved this academic year.

We are very proud of all our children and know how much hard work and effort they have put into their learning. They deserve to be incredibly proud of themselves for what they have achieved, who they are and what they believe. An end of year test and an end of year expectation does not measure the learning journey our children have taken. Be proud of your child. They are a credit to you and our school.

Yours sincerely


Mrs R Donnelly

2016 Results


Key Stage 2 ( Year 6 SATs Results)

28 pupils

KS2 % of children reaching the expected standard ( National Averages) Teacher assessment – % reaching the expected standard
Reading 68%  (66%) 78%
Writing 81%  (74% 81%
Mathematics 75%  (70%) 82%
Reading, Writing and Maths  61%  (53%) 78%
Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling 79%  (72%)                         78%


Key Stage 1 ( Year 2 SATs Results)

30 pupils

KS1 % of children reaching the expected standard
Reading 77%
Writing 77%
Mathematics 83%


Year 1 Phonic Screening Check

27 pupils

Year 1 % of children who passed the phonic screening check 85% (70% – last year)


Year 2 – 9 children

Year 2 % of children who passed the phonic screening check resit 89% (69% – last year)


Early Year Good Level of Development

% of children in Reception 2016 who achieved a Good Level of Development (GLD) 71% (52% – last year)