Online Payments

Online Payments via Schoolgateway
Since September 2015, parents of children in Years 3-6 have had the facility to make online payments via School Gateway for their child’s school meal. We are pleased that the majority of parents use this option.
We have now set up the facility for parents to pay online for other services we offer in school with immediate effect. Parents can now pay for the following:
Breakfast Club: Minimum payment of £5
After School Club: Minimum payment of £20
Nursery Sessions: Minimum payment of £62.50
For parents who have children who access additional nursery sessions, there is also the option for you to pay for your child’s school meal online. Please note that this payment should be made against the School Meals option and not the Nursery Sessions Payment option. The minimum payment for school meals remains at £10.25.
Please note, we don‘t currently have the facility to show balances online for the new payment options as we do with school meals as our Information Management System which links with the School Gateway does not record details of the attendance at breakfast club, after school club or nursery sessions. Parents will therefore need to keep a track of the amount due. Parents will receive a confirmation email for payments made online.
Those parents who do receive invoices for After School Club and Nursery sessions will continue to do so on a monthly basis. However, payments can be made at any time. We do hope in the future that we will have the facility for parents to view the balance outstanding online but this may not necessarily be with the School Gateway as we are looking at other suppliers.
Using School Gateway
To enable parents to use School Gateway, school must have the mobile number a parent will use to activate their account and the email address. If a parent has any trouble logging on, please ring the school as it may be that we do not have both of these details in our system.
If you would like to register for School Gateway, please see below.
∙ Download the app: If you have a smartphone, please download School Gateway from your app store (Android and iPhone).
∙ Visit the website: and click on ‘New User’. You will receive a text message with a PIN number. Use this PIN to log into School Gateway
Parents will not have the option to pay by debit or credit card, only Instant Bank Transfer as this is cheaper for the school. All transactions charges will be absorbed fully by the school.
Please remember that we do also accept childcare vouchers as payment for the services we offer.
Can we please take this opportunity to remind parents of the following:
Payments for Nursery sessions should be made upfront for the month.
Payment for School Meals should be made upfront at the start of a week.
Regarding After School Club and Breakfast Club, we do recognise that unlike the above, sessions are booked as and when required therefore payments can be made retrospectively. We would appreciate prompt payment for the provision we offer but we will send out reminders if balances are accumulating. If a debt rises, the school may withdraw the facility offered and a debt over £55 can be referred to Durham County Council for further action. We kindly ask parents to keep on top of the amounts outstanding.
We hope that this payment facility will make it easier for parents to pay any time and reduce the amount of cash being carried by children and held on school premises. We also plan to offer the facility for parents to pay for trips online and extra -curricular clubs in the near future. We will keep you updated on this.