Additional Nursery Provision

At our school, all children accessing our nursery provision and who are receiving the 15 how flexible free entitlement are able to access extra nursery sessions.  For example, if a child attends nursery 5 mornings a week from 8.50 am – 11.50 am, the child can also stay on an afternoon at a cost of £12.50 per session and be collected at 3.15 pm.  A session is 3 hours.  Equally, if a child attends on an afternoon from 12.15am, the child can come into school for an extra session on a morning which starts at 8.50 am. If you would like your child to stay all day this must be arranged with the Foundation Unit. If you know you require your child to attend regularly, please inform the staff in the Foundation Unit and you will be invoiced a month in advance. If you would like to book ad hoc sessions, please ask the Foundation Unit staff. Such sessions will be charged for on an invoice at the end of a month.  If your child attends all day, he/she will need to bring in a packed lunch.